26-04-18 – New form FLR(GT) for Grenfell Tower survivors

Home Office introduced new form FLR(GT)  to apply for further leave to remain and for a biometric immigration document in the UK if you are a Grenfell Tower survivor and were granted limited leave outside the Immigration Rules. Please refer to the official Home Office website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-to-extend-stay-in-the-uk-flrgt

05-04-18 – Unlawful delays in Home Office decision making process

As a result of the Court of Appeal based on the case SAID (2018) EWCA Civ 627 where the respondent died few months after waiting 10 years to be granted indefinite leave to remain, immigration judges now can define where delay in consideration of the application crossed the threshold of “mere” and became “manifestly excessive”.  This breach itself entitles for the damages from the Home Office. Home Office cannot use internal complaint procedure as a shield. It is not directly applicable to asylum claims.

29-03-18 – Investors: Back to the Past ...

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced that the Home Office will review 700 investor visas issued to Russian nationals between 2008 and 2015. During that period applicants were required to invest £ 1 million before being granted an investor visa. The UK government is concerned that a significant number of these visas may have be illegally – because the £1 million was obtained from questionable sources, or these the proceeds of corruption. It remains unclear why the British government has decided to only review investor visas issued after 2008, since this type of visa has been issued since 200...

22-03-18 – New British passports to be printed in European Union

The current burgundy passport, which are in use since 1988, will be changed to its original blue colour from October 2019.  Franco-Dutch firm Gemalto won the £490m contract to print post-brexit UK passports leaving current UK supplier De La Rue behind. De La Rue was beaten on price in an open tender competition which was held under EU rules. This way the Government can not favour a local company and has to select the best-value bid. It is very likely that Gemalto will print the passport’s bodies abroad but all security aspects of the document such as personalised data chips will be produced in...

20-03-18 – No restrictions on Croatians in the UK

From July 2018 there will be no restrictions for Croatian nationals in the UK. The current registration requirements for Croatian workers will expire on 30 June 2018 bringing their rights to work in the United Kingdom in line with other EU nationals.

19-03-18 – The UK and EU agreed terms for transition period

The UK and EU agreed terms for transition period, which will lead to the UK leaving EU. Negotiation over Brexit continued on Monday, 19th of March 2018 in Brussels. Negotiators Michel Barnier and David Davis described this round of talks as a "decisive step" in the Brexit process. It was confirmed that the transitional period will start on the 29th March 2019 and will last till the 31st of December 2020. EU citizens arriving in the UK during this time will have the same rights as those who arrive before Brexit. The same rules will apply to UK citizens residing in EU. The UK will be able to neg...

16-03-18 – New Home Office fees from 06 April 2018

Home Office has been published new fees for their services. The new fees will come into effect on the 6th of April 2018. There will be a minor increase almost for all categories. Super Premium Service fee remain unchanged and still amounted to £10,500.

15-03-18 – European Commission proposes new Schengen visa policy

The Commission proposed to reform the EU's common visa policy. The proposed changes to the Visa Code will make it easier for travellers to obtain a visa to come to Europe.  Proposed changes will include: reduced visa decision making process from 15 days to 10 days; applications could be submitted 6 months before the intended travel date; applications will be filled in electronically; new short term visas at external borders: single-entry visas directly at external land and sea borders. Such visas will be valid for a stay of a maximum of 7 days in the issuing Member State only;...

14-03-18 – New list of tax havens

On 13 March 2018 the Council of Europe removed Bahrain, the Marshall Islands and Saint Lucia from the list of third country jurisdictions for tax purposes (tax haven) and added the Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis and the US Virgin Islands. As the result, the updated list includes the following countries: American Samoa Bahamas Guam Namibia Palau Samoa Saint Kitts and Nevis Trinidad and Tobago US Virgin Islands

12-03-18 – 5 April 2018 deadline for Tier 1 General indefinite leave to remain visa applications

Applications for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK for Tier 1 General visa holders must be submitted by 5 April, 2018 at the latest. Tier 1 General ILR closes on 6 April, 2018 and so this UK settlement route is being withdrawn from this date. You should make sure that you have passed the Life in the UK Test before you apply and in some circumstances you may need to pass an English language test. Tier 1 (General) category was closed to new applicants in 2011, remaining open until April 2015 only to those making an extension application. Our advice to holders of a Tier 1 (General) visa...